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The Balkans Cup

The Balkans Cup

“Slavia” in the race for The Balkans Cup

The regional tournaments take a proper place in the European club football. The Central European Cup, The Mediterranean countriesCup, The Danubian Cup are football initiatives that have existed before the emergence of the traditional European club tournaments. The idea of a football competition between the teams of the region also has its supporters on the Balkans. In 1960, inspired by the Turkish grand “Fenerbahche”’s idea, the Balkan countries took a decision to establish a “Balkan tournament of the vice-champions”. The competition started the following season but the already gaining speed European tournaments led to the fact that a number of the second-placed teams of the countries withdrew from the contest. And thus the name of the tournament is changed to “The Balkans Cup” but the initial idea of the organizers remained. The last time the tournament was held was in 1994.

During the years the competition for The Balkans Cup turned into a clash of the established clubs who seek vocation on this international stage. It is sufficient just to mention some of the teams’ names who won the trophy to illustrate its power: the most authoritative Greek clubs “Olympiakos” and “Panatinaykos”, the strongest Croatian team “Dinamo”(Zagreb), the popular Serbian team “Radnichky” (Nish), the club with most fans in Romania “Rapid” (Bucharest), the Turkish grand “Fenerbahche”, and, of course, “Slavia”.


“Slavia” played five times for The Balkans Cup and achieved the following results: 

Season                   Rival                     Results               Round


1976/77   "Polytechnika" (Timishoara, Romania) 5:0 and1:0    

                 Preliminary round

                 "Altay" (Izmir, Turkey) 6:0 and3:0      Preliminary round

                 “Panatinaykos” (Athens, Greece) 0:0 and 1:2    Final

1977/78    “Jiul” (Petroshani, Romania) 2:0 and 0:3   Quarterfinal

1978/79    “Sportul Studentsesk” (Bucharest, Romania) 3:2 and 0:2 


1985/86     “Trabzonspor” (Trabzon, Turkey) 3:0 (forfeit) Preliminary round

                 “Iraklis” (Salonika, Greece) 3:0 (forfeit) Preliminary round

                 “Panionios” (Athens, Greece) 3:0 and 2:3 Final

1987/88     PAOK (Salonika, Greece) 4:0 and 1:0 Preliminary round

                  “Luftetari” (Girokastro, Albania) 4:0 and 0:2 Preliminary round

               “Ardgesh” (Piteshti, Romania) 1:2 and 0:2 Preliminary round

               “Sliven” (Bulgaria) 4:2 and 1:1 Semi-final     

              “Ardgesh” (Piteshti, Romania) 5:1 and 1:0 Final

Note: The games in the tournament in 1986 which “Slavia” wins with forfeit are because of a refusal on the behalf of theparticipant teams having reasons that are not connected in any way with the team of the “white”. In every entry above the first result is the one in Bulgaria.      



Participation     Games     Victories     Draws     Losses     Goal Difference

        5                          24               15            2              7                   53:22


Greatest Successes:

Winner of The Balkans Cup: - 2 times – in 1986 and 1988

Finalist for The Balkans Cup: - once – in 1977


“Slavia”’s balance distributed by countries is as follows:


Country     Matches     Victories    Draws        Losses        G/D


Romania  10 6 0 4 18-12
Greece 7 4 1 2 14-5
Turkey 3 3 0 0 12-0
Bulgaria 2 1 1 0 5-3
Albania 2 1 0 1 4-2
All  24 15 2 7 53-22 

Note: The results are arranged on the basis of played games and achieved results against the respective country. The countries are written in their modern names.   













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