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“Slavia”’s members in the national teams of the country

During the years of “Slavia”’s existence a large number of worthy players have been a part of the team. More than 150 members of the “whites” have worn the national shirt. 

The fans of the “whites” have a reason to be proud: in the first match of the male national team in a big international forum the captain is actually a member of “Slavia”. Todor Vladimirov (San) played for the national team in his debut match in the Games of the VIII Olympiad in Paris, held on 28thMay, 1924. He inspired his fellow-teammates and the Bulgarians played as equals against the much more experienced team of Ireland, and were defeated 0:1.

The largest number of “Slavia” members in the national team was in the match against Turkey, held on 14thOctober, 1927 in Istanbul. Nine footballers of “Slavia” are in the team. These are: Angel Andreev (Katastrofata, lit. The Accident), Nikola Kalkandjiev (Kolata, lit. The Cart), Dimitar Manolov (Naydo, The bear of Boyana), Stephen Chumpalov (Chumpala) Peter Kartevski (Pesho), Nikola Staykov (Toleto), Velcho Stoyanov, Alexander Filipinovich (Sasha), and Vladimir Tsvetkov (Tsotso).

During the following years in every significant achievements of our home football there are always members of “Slavia”: positions for World and European championships, winning of medals in the Olympic Games, and victories of the Balkans Cup. These are either members of the team of the time or alumni of the “white” football school.    

The member of “Slavia” with most matches and most goals scored in the Premier (“A”) National Team is Chavdar Tsvetkov. Andrey Jelyazkov is the team member of the “whites” who had been a captain most often.

In the first years of the new century three footballers of “Slavia”’s academy won recognition in the National team of Bulgaria: Blagoy Georgiev, Dimitar Rangelov and Chavdar Yankov. 

In recent seasons, Yanis Karabelyov, Galin Ivanov, Ivaylo Dimitrov, Ivan Minchev and Georgi Georgiev also take part in the matches of the national team.



Members of “Slavia” with most matches in the Premier (“A”) National Team:

57 – Chavdar Tsvetkov

54 – Andrej Jelyazkov

42 – Alexander Shalamanov

34 – Simeon Simeonov

28 – Nikola Staykov

Members of “Slavia” with most goals in the Premier (“A”) National Team:

15 goals- Chavdar Tsvetkov

14 goals- Andrej Jelyazkov

12 goals- Nikola Staykov


Members of “Slavia” who were most often captains of the Premier (“A”) National Team:

14 times- Andrej Jelyazkov

12 times– Velcho Stoyanov

7 times  -  Stephen Chumpalov and Chavdar Tsvetkov


Members of “Slavia” who played in the World Cup: 

1962 in Chile

Peter Velichkov- 3 matches

Dimitar Kostov- 1 match

1966 in England

Alexander Shalamanov - 2 matches

Simeon Simeonov- 1 match

Dimitar Largov- 1 match

Ivan Davidov- 1 match

1970 in Mexico

Alexander Shalamanov - 3 matches

Simeon Simeonov- 2 matches

Ivan Davidov- 1 match

1974 in Germany

Simeon Simeonov- резерва

1986 in Mexico

Andrey Jelyazkov- 3 matches

1998 in France

George Bachev- 2 matches


As well as their participation in the representative team of Bulgaria, the members of “Slavia” take part in other national events of the country. Here we will mention “Slavia”’s footballers who had most participations in different teams.


The Olympic team: 13 matches – Plamen Tachev

“B” team of the country: 10 matches – George Bor. Gugalov (Gugala)

Youth National Team: 30 matches – Blagoy Georgiev

Juvenile National Team: 40 matches – Vladimir Todorov











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